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Real estate

Cox & Associates, LLC has been managing the details of real estate transactions on behalf of its clients for years. Whether you are buying or selling real estate, our experienced staff understands and has executed on countless occasions the various steps along the way to a successful closing. From drafting real estate contracts to obtaining title policies, we will provide guidance and vigilance to ensure that nothing is missed in the process.  We understand the importance of real estate transactions to our clients, and endeavor to remove the stress and confusion that can attend such a momentous occasion and the decisions inherent therein.

Our firm is equipped to handle all types of real estate transactions including residential, commercial, agricultural sales and auctions, and contracts for new construction.  In addition to managing the decisions, documentation and recording of your transaction, we will also help you answer any questions regarding refinancing, zoning and regulations.  Both individuals and commercial clients benefit from our extensive experience in real estate law. First-time home buyers, as well as commercial developers and municipalities, benefit from our assistance in matters ranging from simple real estate transactions to land development and zoning matters.

Please contact Patrick and Sara today for information on all your real estate questions and needs.


Ideas, tangible or not, are the most important things to protect in today’s competitive creative market. With so many channels and constantly replenishing feeds to watch out for, tracing the ownership and originality of a design, brand name, or invention needs the laser-focused eye of a trained attorney. We’ll handle the search, application, and filing process of trademarks, copyrights, and patents. And if your idea has been infringed upon, our litigation team will negotiate the best possible licensing and settlement agreements.

DIVORCE AND family law

Cox & Associates understands that the nature of divorce and family law issues and disputes require careful and caring attention,  as well as experience and ability.  That is why we offer the services of J Harrison Fulk ("Jake"), an experienced divorce and family law attorney who devotes the entirety of his practice to matters affecting the structure of rights and responsibilities within families in Central Illinois.

Please contact Jake in order to set up a consultation regarding your divorce or other family law matter.


Financial struggles and debt problems come in many forms and can appear at the worst times.  Regardless of the source of your fiscal difficulties, Cox & Associates, LLC are here to guide you through the process of getting relief.  During his 25 year tenure as a US Bankruptcy Trustee, Clay Cox dealt with a large variety of bankruptcy issues.  He now devotes his expertise and wealth of experiential knowledge to assist his clients through bankruptcy and towards a more promising future.  

If you are considering bankruptcy, or simply wish to know more about your financial options, please contact our office today in order to set up a consultation with Clay.

Civil litigation

It is an unfortunate fact of life that any individual or organization may be subject to litigation for a variety of reasons.  Being involved in litigation can be stressful, time consuming, and emotionally draining for the parties involved.  It is for this reason that the attorneys at Cox & Associates, LLC are prepared to zealously represent our clients in any and all areas of civil litigation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in many fields of civil litigation.  We have successfully prosecuted a variety of claims on our clients’ behalf as well as defended our clients in claims against them in areas including breach of contract, labor law, consumer fraud claims, claims brought pursuant to the uniform commercial code, real estate disputes, probate litigation involving the proper administration of wills, personal injury lien disputes, small claims, commercial law, mass torts, professional negligence.

Our extensive experience in these areas of litigation allows us to advise our clients in methods and means to reduce their exposure to the dangers of litigation in the future.  Please do not hesitate to contact Christopher if that is a matter of importance to you.

The first goal of the attorneys at Cox & Associates is to resolve any conflict in the most amicable, efficient and expedient manner possible.  However, we are prepared to take all necessary means to protect the interests of our clients.

tax law

Attempting to resolve a tax dispute with the IRS can be both confusing and complicated.  Furthermore, receiving IRS notices at your house can be an intimidating experience.  The attorneys at Cox & Associates, LLC would be pleased to help you achieve a beneficial resolution to your tax matter.  Not only do we offer a wealth of experience dealing with IRS collection agents in person as well as over the phone, but we also file tax returns for many of our clients.  Thus, Cox & Associates offers the wide range of experience needed to efficiently deal with the various demands of government tax issues.

If you decide to visit us for a consultation regarding your tax dispute, please come prepared with any and all correspondence you have received from the IRS (or state department) regarding the matter in question.  Also, bring in the tax returns associated with the tax years in question as well as any proof of income you have for that time period.  This will help us file new or amended tax returns if need be, in addition to providing us with crucial information for any future negotiations.

Please do not hesitate to call us the minute you have been contacted by the IRS, as any delay on your part could result in further penalties and interest being assessed against you.

estate planning

We know just how important it is for our clients to feel that their families and loved ones will be protected after they are gone.  For this reason, Cox & Associates, LLC specializes in estate planning and asset protection.

Please visit us for a consultation if you are concerned with end of life planning.  We will give you thorough and personalized advice regarding the use of wills, trusts, property and health care power of attorneys, and other transfers of assets that can help protect your family in the future.  Clay and Patrick can advise you on how to properly organize a family business in order to protect your interests for years to come.

Business law

There are many questions and concerns when contemplating the proper ways to organize a new business venture.  Without a wealth of experience in this area, the decisions attendant to ownership structure and organizational approach can seem complicated and difficult.  At Cox & Associates, LLC we advise our clients on these matters regularly.  Following a consultation with one of our attorneys, we will determine which ownership structure, corporation, s-corporation, LLC, works best for you and file the necessary paperwork to have your business organized expediently, efficiently, and wisely.

In addition to functioning as registered agent for many of the companies we help form, Cox & Associates, LLC can help later reorganize business structures, aid in future sales and acquisitions of businesses, and advise clients regarding employment and labor issues.  Our attorneys are also capable and ready to assist you in commercial litigation matters arising out of your newly formed business.

Estate Administration

After the loss of a loved one, the last thing you wish to burden your mind may be navigating the probate process and organizing the proper administration of a will or trust.  At Cox & Associates, LLC our attorneys are well versed in the process and filings necessary to navigate probate court and make certain that your loved one’s wishes are honored to the furthest extent possible.

Cox & Associates, LLC is capable and experienced in the proper administration of estates both large and small.  When you consult with one of our attorneys regarding your estate, please bring a copy of the will in question as well as any insurance documents so that we can properly advise you, and begin the process of filing estate documents with the court if necessary.